by Carole Matthews

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25065-7
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This summer author Carole Matthewsís newest book is Letís Meet On Platform 8. This latest offering by a rising star, takes a serious in-depth look at the ramifications of Adultery.

Jamie Duncan and Teri Carter are two innocent commuters caught up in the mad rush of not only trying to earn a living, but also in the very real possibility of establishing a relationship. They meet when Jamie literally bowls over Teri. In his rush to catch his train he knocks her down, skinning her knee, ruining her stockings and spraining her ankle.

Jamie; being the ever proper gentleman, stops to see to the care of Teri. He offers his handkerchief for cleaning herself up, buys her a new pair of stockings and even goes so far as to see that she makes it home safely. Teri; being a thirty-something single career woman, thinks that Jamie has to be too good to be true, but isnít really willing to explore that too deeply. She is however, willing to explore the possibility of a relationship with her assailant turned knight-in-shining armor.

As the friendship starts to take a turn towards a serious relationship, a kink is thrown in. That kink has not only one name, but three! Pamela, Francesca, and Jack DuncanÖ.Jamieís wife and children. Teri has no clue that there is a family in the wings, and when she finds out, her life takes twists and turns she never expected.

In Letís Meet On Platform 8, Ms. Matthews has included several secondary characters. The interplay between them and Jamie and Teri is considerable, and does affect the eventual outcome of the story. Throughout, many lives are intertwined and affected by difficult choices. It remains to be seen exactly how those choices will alter their lives after the last page of the story, but should leave readers of Letís Meet On Platform 8 wondering how the choices they make in their own lives, will affect not only their futures, but perhaps those of rather innocent bystanders of their lives.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Sandi.

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