by Joyce and Jim Lavene

October 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-386-1
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Amelia Gallant is an adventurer/author with the universe at her fingertips. She has become a famous author through the retelling of all her adventures and she is always off to the next one. What makes this woman so famous is that she is willing to take risks and has a quick mind. What makes her scary is what happens to all her assistants! Amelia is off once again on a new adventure when her “story” takes a side track that could end her life or bring her that one great love.

Amelia Gallant is a woman’s retelling of her newest adventure. The story begins prior to the “main” adventure in order to set up Amelia’s character and the worlds in which she lives. Amelia is a futuristic female version of our Indiana Jones. She is curious, strong, intelligent, fearless (to a point) and what every kid dreams of being when they grow up. Amelia sets off without much thought to her next adventure and goes with the flow when things change. She is quick to help out and talk others into doing what’s right. Denali, Amelia’s “hero” (as if she needed one) is determined to save his people. Though he swears he’s no hero, he does everything he can to stop the evil intent on destroying his homeland. He even allows Amelia to help him.

With wonderful new worlds beautifully drawn, great and at times funny dialogue, and fully developed exciting characters, I found Amelia Gallant to be a one sitting read. So turn off that phone, get your favorite drink, and snuggle into your favorite reading chair for the adventure of a lifetime. I, for one, would love to see more adventures of Amelia and Denali!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Vikky.

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