by Carla Cassidy

July 2004
ISBN: 0-373-51317
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #3
Mass Market Paperback

Independent Cassie Newton has become a decorated police officer in the five years since she left the top-secret government agency SPACE. She has settled into a quiet life in Kansas City and leads a normal life.

Cassie knows what itís like to be alone though and those thoughts are never far from her mind. She was abandoned on the streets of LA at the tender age of eleven by her mother and baby brother Billy. She longs to find the woman and ask her one question, WHY?

Luckily for Cassie she was befriended in LA by stunt man Max Monroe. He credits finding her with saving his life. Thatís why Cassie has moved the paralyzed man she thinks of as a father back to Kansas City and he is her closest friend and confidant. Max has become her family.

Cassieís mother is her greatest weakness, and if anyone knows that itís Kane McKnabb - her former partner at the Agency and her former lover. Kane took a bullet meant for Cassie and she walked out on him. Their past is never far from Kaneís mind.

There is a madman in Kansas City planning to put lethal drugs on the streets. Albert Mercer wants revenge for his daughterís recent death due to drug use. He plans to release tainted drugs to the population and let them secure his revenge.

The Agency has gotten word of this plan and Kane is sent to convince Cassie to come back undercover and get the goods on Mercer. It seems the man has a weakness for leggy blondes and Cassie fits that description perfectly. Kaneís ace in the hole to get Cassie to accept the assignment is to tell her that Mercer may have information on her mother. When her gives her that bit of news he knows she wonít refuse.

Carla Cassidy has written a gripping story in Get Blondie. I was hooked from the very first page. The action scenes involving Cassie are very well written and show why she is a terrific bombshell heroine. Kane is a great match for her if he can only get her to see it.

Ms Cassidyís secondary characters rounded out the story nicely. I especially liked Max Monroe, Cassieís father figure. Alex Mercerís bodyguards were especially well-written and in fact Cassieís fight scene with one of them was one of my favorite scenes in the entire book.

Although it is perhaps the most traditional of the four launch Bombshell titles I have to say Get Blondie is also my favorite of the four. This book has it all - mystery, suspense, and romance. Do yourself a favor and rush out and Get Blondie today.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara.

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