by Lindsay McKenna

July 2004
ISBN: 0-373-51315
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1
Mass Market Paperback

Lieutenant Kai Alseoun has been forced out of the military with a bad conduct discharge. She was accused of attacking a senior officer, when in reality she had just been defending herself from his unwanted advances. Feeling she has brought shame to her people, Kai returns home to the Quallah Eastern Cherokee Reservation near Cherokee, North Carolina.

Kaiís grandmother, Ivy Sanderson the tribeís Elder Medicine women, welcomes her with open arms. Soon after Kaiís return, though, her grandmother insists she ask the Great Spirit what she should do with her life. Kai begins having the same recurring dream night after night involving three missing totems that were stolen from the reservation a year ago. Kaiís grandmother becomes convinced it is Kaiís destiny to help bring the missing items back to the reservation.

Knowing she needs help with this quest Kai quickly remembers Major Mike Houston, a fellow native American and respected military man she met some time ago. She wastes no time in going to ask for the manís help. Mike readily agrees to help and puts Kai in touch with a group known as Perseus, a covert team of men and women who get involved when conventional government agencies arenít available.

Morgan Trayhern, the head of the organization, agrees to help but insists that a normal team of the organization including one man and one woman must carry out the mission. Kai initially balks at the plan but Morgan insists things must be done this way and Kai soon finds herself partnered with Jake Stands Alone Carter, a man from her past.

The partners soon find themselves on the way to the Australian Outback where Kaiís dream indicates the totem she seeks can be found. With its present owners reluctant to give up the totem without a fight, this mission could prove to be more deadly than anyone had imagined.

When I first heard of the new Bombshell line, the author I immediately thought of for these books was Lindsay McKenna. Lindsay has been writing kick-ass heroines forever, and she seemed a perfect fit for this line. With her first Bombshell title Daughter Of Destiny Ms McKenna proves my expectations were indeed right on the money. This is a terrific first book in what proves to be a remarkable line for Silhouette.

Ms McKennaís knowledge of the military life, Indian customs, and ways of life made this book especially entertaining. She has assembled a cast of characters that leaps from the pages and promises to bring the reader two additional stories when the search for the remaining two missing totems continues in December.

Kai and Jake are characters you wonít soon forget and perhaps will see again when the next book is released. Ms McKenna has set the bar high for stellar storytelling within a fabulous new line from Silhouette. If you are ready for a highly charged action packed ride, be sure and pick up a copy of Daughter Of Destiny for a whole new experience in series romance.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara.

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