by Uma

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-245-6
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One of the things that I do when I begin to write a review is to check the spellings of the characters name to make sure I get them correct. Well, I just realized after I read Educating Arthur that the female characters’ name is never given, she is called “babe”, “baby” and even “milady” a few times; but never her actual name. Does that give you any indication of the book? We do however learn the two male character names, Arthur and Mickey.

The author has broken down the thoughts and action of certain events into her and his. We don’t get to see Arthur’s thoughts we only get to know him by what he says and his actions. Arthur needs some help and/or advice on a problem he has. He can’t last for the long haul so to speak. This is where Mickey and "she" comes into play.

Educating Arthur is more than just telling someone the basics of foreplay and sex. It is also about discovering the love you have for another on a deeper emotional level. It is fun to see how Mickey explains some things to Arthur and Arthur’s reaction to them. If you have some time to spare pick up Educating Arthur, it is a fast and fun way to spend the time. You never know, you might learn something in the process as well.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Pam.

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