by Robert Buckley

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-253-7
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Do you live in a nice quiet neighborhood? Are your neighbors all well adjusted people with no skeletons in their closets? If so then you are much luckier than Harry. His neighbor has brought her problem into his home and life when he wasn’t looking.

Tara and Jim are Harry’s next door neighbors. As on outsider looking in Harry thinks they have a perfect marriage. So would anyone else. The truth is, of course, very different. When Tara realized that the marriage wasn’t what it seemed, she went to Harry for more than neighborly advice. She wanted Harry to make love to her.

Harry, being the good neighbor, was naturally shocked. He did agree to discuss why Tara was looking outside her marriage bed. Tara told him that her husband Jim had decided that after several years of marriage he wanted to get into a swinging lifestyle, and he wanted Tara to be an equally willing participant. Jim wanted Tara’s first foray into this alternate lifestyle to be with a man Tara found unappealing. She also found the entire idea of this new lifestyle unappealing, but was desperate to save her marriage so agreed to everything Jim wanted.

Will Harry prove to be Tara’s hero or will Tara decide that this new lifestyle is appealing after all? To get the answer to that burning question you’ll need to read Subdivision for yourself.

Subdivision was an extremely short e-book. Due to the brevity of the story Mr. Buckley had to move things along quickly. The abrupt movement of this book left this reader feeling somewhat unsatisfied with not only how would the relationship with Tara and Harry continue, but of what would become of Jim in the new lifestyle he seems to have preferred over his wife and their traditional marriage.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Sandi.

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