by Marly Chance

June 2004
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Alexandra Holden works at a newspaper, wants her editor and sets out to seduce him. Ryan O’Roarke does desire Alex, but with his strong work ethics, he’s not too happy about the situation, as he knows an affair with her spells nothing but trouble. But hey, it can’t get worse than with his ex, a woman still screeching on his phone, a woman to have trained his pet parrot some very nasty lines.

So when a little fire and some cold water won't stop him, and his parrot’s comments won’t deter her, Ryan’s more than happy to fall on his knees and beg for whatever Alex wants to dish out.

You will find the story at the EC site under Romantic Comedies. Shame that it doesn’t work as such. Deadline has some elements in it that could have provided some hilarious, naughty and sexy interludes, but as they were tuned out, turned off and covered up, the story only really managed to come across as rather bland.

It’s not a bad story, as Marly Chance’s writing is good, even if her pacing is a little off: The story comes in two parts, which is a little annoying, as it is only a quickie. The fantasies lived in this one, are sex with your boss and the excitement that comes with the danger of being discovered and caught in the act. A little bit of light-hearted bondage is thrown in, too. Still, the banter is missing. The edge is missing. Something is missing, that is for sure.

However, the kisses are hot, and because of the sizzle that comes with them I will recommend Deadline for a little bit of easy and quick entertainment if nothing better is at hand.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Kris Alice.

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