by Linda Needham

September 2004
ISBN: 0-06-051412-4
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Mass Market Paperback

As the second of the Gentlemen Rogues trilogy, author Linda Needham focuses on the skillful Andrew Chase, the Earl of Wexford. His sheer size and force of character often make him the best choice for bodyguard duty, and he has no patience for spoiled aristocrats with more power than brains. To say that he is not looking forward to his latest assignment, is an understatement.

Princess Caroline of Boratania is not at all what he expects. While she is used to getting her way, she is not a pampered miss who is waited on hand and foot. In fact, she is a one-woman powerhouse, intent on restoring her home to the position of prominence that it held before she was born. With both of her parents dead, Caroline is just a few short weeks away from becoming the Empress of Boratania. While she appreciates Queen Victoria’s concern for her well-being, she cannot imagine why she needs a man like the Earl of Wexford. He is clearly too male, too domineering to circumvent. The demands on her time are extreme, and he wants to monitor her every activity. Well, she won’t have it! Her country - her people - are depending on her!

As this match of wills ensues, it becomes quite clear that someone does not want Caroline’s coronation to take place. Coincidences mount until she must admit that she is a target. Can Wexford’s skill at subterfuge and weaponry be enough to keep her safe?

A Scandal to Remember is a delightful battle of stubborn people who have very clear visions of their roles in society. Both Caroline and Andrew have carved out niches for themselves and they are comfortable there. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for the star-crossed lovers. Sit back and relax as you enjoy sharp dialog and a strong dose of humor in this historical romance. Although it is part of a series, reading the first book is not a prerequisite. I enjoyed the book immensely, though out of sequence. In A Scandal to Remember, Ms. Needham delivers on all counts and I cannot wait for the final installment of the trilogy!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Paula.

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