by Jacquie D`Alessandro

September 2004
ISBN: 0-06-053671-3
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Mass Market Paperback

When a scandalous book makes the rounds of the Ton, men everywhere start running for the door. A Ladiesí Guide to the Pursuit of Personal Happiness and Marital Fulfillment is offering advice to women on how to take control of their lives and marriages. The author is Charles Brightman and the men want to find him. Heís rather elusive. Maybe he realizes the danger heís in for upsetting the normal evolution of relationships.

Andrew Stanton has been hired to find Brightman and bring him to justice, sort of. The clues are sparse and his job is complicated further by the fact that the woman heís trying to court has read the guide as well. Catherine Ashfield, Viscountess Bickley, has taken the advice to heart and is making it difficult for Andrew to win her love.

Catherine has survived an awful marriage. She doesnít want to give herself to another insensitive man. Her friendship with Andrew is slowing changing and she isnít sure she wants that to happen. As their attraction grows, the danger grows. There seems to be someone out to hurt one of them. When they finally give into their lust, will they be able to find a forever kind of love or will it only be lust?

Andrew is a determined man who knows who he wants. Heís willing to take a chance on getting her. Catherineís fears slowly slip away as she indulges them both in a sensual courtship. Their depths of emotions make them believable. Simon is a great secondary character. There is a little bit of suspense in the story, but it is secondary to the relationship between Catherine and Andrew. The sexual tension between them is steamy and their banter is entertaining.

Love and the Single Heiress is an emotional journey of two wounded hearts towards love and acceptance.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

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