by Christine Poe

January 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-967-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Wings ePress Inc
Trade Paperback

Whisper of a Tryst is a wonderful story of fated love that endures even through time. This was a fast paced read, and the story was so memorable and beautiful. Christine took the typical time travel plot and turned it into a love story that is sure to be a keeper-book with many readers.

The first sentence opens with the heroine having yet another erotic dream of an unknown lover, and the intriguing concept pulls you right into the rest of the story, keeping you turning the pages. Anna Bentley is the heroine, disillusioned by loves in the past but still the forever romantic. She mysteriously inherits a Victorian mansion on the northern California coast, which turns out to be haunted by the builder of the house who lived in the 1880's.

The ghost, James Duncan, lures her back into the past and Anna finds herself falling in love with him. James has a goal to avenge his father's exile from Scotland and is determined to not let anything stand in his way. When Anna suddenly appears in his life, he knows her love is destined to save his soul.

The love story of James and Anna is strong and passionate. There are also a few surprises in the story that keeps you turning those pages to figure them out. Ms. Poe's portrayal of the time period is great, vivid and visual, helping to lose the reader in the story just as Anna is lost in the past. There were no 'awkward' explanations to the time travel plot as it was written smoothly and was very feasible. The same went for the strong and instant love between James and Anna. You'll finish reading this book and find yourself wishing that it would go on, especially after reading the intriguing epilogue! This time travel plot was one of the best I've read and I would definitely recommend it to any reader of the genre.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Kari.

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