by Sandra Steffen

April 2004
ISBN: 1-8217-7557-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Artist, Liza Cassidy is alone in the world. Her mother and sister are both dead, and Liza is at loose ends. Her sister Laurenís dying wish was for Liza to go to Alcott, New Hampshire and explain to Laurenís boyfriend about the secrets Lauren held. But when Liza made the trip, the boyfriend is a no-show.

Five years later, Liza starts having disturbing dreams about a red-headed little boy and she is convinced her sister is trying to tell her something. Going through her sisterís autopsy report, she discovers that her sister had a child. So Liza returns to Alcott, desperate to discover who her sisterís child is, and why she wasn't told about him?

It is easy enough to find the child and his fatheróLaurenís old boyfriend, Sheriff, Jack McCall. But when Liza approaches Jack, he mistakes her for Lauren. Several days go by before Liza is able to tell him the truth about her identity.

Jack McCall was crazy in love with Lauren, and he instantly has those same feelings return as soon as he sees Ďher.í Even when he discovers the woman isnít Lauren, his feelings donít diminish. But his son Tommy has leukemia. Even though he is currently in remission, Jack is petrified that his sonís cancer will return and he will die. The fact that Liza dreams about Tommy is a bad omen that Jack canít overlook.

Come Summer is a well-written story. I was instantly drawn into the charactersí heads and was able to sympathize with them. I cried over some of the diary entries Lauren wrote, and letters she sent. There wasnít much standing in the way of Jack and Lizaís happiness, except a wannabe girlfriend of Jackís, but even she wasnít much of a threat.

Come Summer is more of a family saga type romance, than a pure romance, and the reader is in every one of the three brothersí heads as well as a couple of the women. Some of the thoughts and actions of the Ďpastorí brother completely shocked me, as they seemed totally out of character for a minister. His thoughts were filthy and he didnít seem to have a problem with getting drunk with his brothers. Iím not sure why he was cast as a pastor when simply being a handyman would have done the needed job in the book and the reader wouldnít be so shocked. Other than that, I recommend Come Summer as a perfectly enjoyable book and well worth your money.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Laura.

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