by Kathleen O`Reilly

June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69179-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #979
Mass Market Paperback

Cassandra Ward and Noah Bradley first met six months ago, when Cassandra propositioned Noah for an night of fun and games and Noah turned the lady down flat, much to her surprise. They meet a second time at the wedding of mutual friends.

Noah hasnít been able to stop thinking about Cassandra for the past six months. He has even given up women because of her. Noah didnít turn Cassandra down because he wasnít interested-on the contrary, he just wanted to prove to her that there is more to a relationship than a quick role in the hay. He wants a relationship with her not just a quick fling, so he asks her out this time.

Cassandra was stunned when Noah turned her down and it was a bit of a blow to her ego. She has always used her looks to get what she wants from men and his rejection took her totally by surprise. At first Cassandra turns Noah down but through his persistence she finally agrees to go out with him.

So who will make the other see things their way? Will Cassandra convince Noah to just go along for the ride and have a good time and sex with no commitment? Will Noah convince Cassandra that he sees beneath her beautiful exterior and wants a real relationship with her emotionally, as well as physically? Pick up a copy of, The Longest Night and find out.

Kathleen OíReilly brings her Bachelorette Pact series to an end in, The Longest Night. Noah and Cassandra are the final story in what has been a fantastic series. Noah and Cassandra have very different views on relationships and Ms OíReilly uses that fact to her full advantage in this final tale. I thought Noah was the hottest hero among the men and it was great fun to watch him convince Cassandra to see things his way. Ms OíReilly also does a wonderful job of exploring Cassandraís character and having the reader see beneath her glamorous exterior to the real honest person she is underneath.

In addition to providing another great story, Ms OíReilly also brings the reader up to date on the characters from the previous books. The Longest Night , is a wonderful book and provides a very satisfying ending to a unique and unusual series by a very talented author.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Barbara.

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