by Jill Gregory

July 2004
ISBN: 0-440-23735-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

In Night Thunder Jill Gregory takes readers back to the small Wyoming town of Thunder Creek. I for one was ready to revisit familiar places, and hopefully get updates about characters from her previous release featuring Thunder Creek.

Josy Warner, fashion designer from New York City is struggling to come up with the hot fresh line that her overbearing boss is wanting. Her boss, Francesca, gets all the fame and glory for Josy’s fresh new designs, but this season finds Josy struggling to design, and her muse on vacation.

Josy’s childhood took a traumatic turn for the worse following the death of her parents in a car accident. She had no relatives to go to, and was placed in the foster care system. She finally found one person she could become attached to, Ricky Sabatini. Ricky taught her how to defend herself, and to be aware of her surroundings at all times. They have over the years shared a friendship that many of us wish to have.

When Ricky is in trouble and asks Josy to guard a package for him she doesn’t hesitate. She never expects all the excitement that is about to enter her life. The least of which is that she must take the package and run because not only her life, but Ricky’s is now held firmly in her grasp. She never questions just does as she’s told.

Josy runs to Thunder Creek because there’s a secret there that she’s hoping to uncover. How to go about that she’s uncertain, yet she feels that it’s the place she needs to be for now. She also feels that it’s a small town, and that she’ll be safe there. She doesn’t know that in Thunder Creek she could be in danger of not only losing her life, but her heart to Sheriff Ty Barclay.

The sheriff is wrapped up in a cattle rustling case. He’s also wrapped his heart in concrete after the loss of his beloved pregnant wife. When he meets Josy as she’s moving into the apartment complex he lives in he doesn’t realize just how much the peace he treasures is about to be placed in jeopardy.

Ms. Gregory has again written a novel of suspense and romance which has balanced both elements equally. As I read I was a tad disappointed that favored characters from Thunder Creek were mentioned in cameo-like appearances, but I’m sure this is the way of life. They had their story and now it’s time for Josy and Ty and some others to have theirs. I feel there are still plenty of stories available to be told in Thunder Creek, Wyoming and look forward to them all.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Sandi.

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