by Karen Marie Moning

Septemeber 2001
ISBN: 0-440-23655-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

This book goes between the 1500s and the present day. The heroine is a girl determined to lose her virginity before she reaches 26 and there is only a few months left! Gwen is not your average heroine; she is rather jaded and believes the chances of finding a man to suit her demanding taste is fairly remote. Instead, she settles on a trip to Scotland in the hope that things will change. On a hill trek she loses her backpack and trying to retrieve it she falls down a hole and lands astride a gorgeous Highland Chief who has had a spell cast on him, and as a result he has lain asleep for centuries.

The story is not meant to be taken too seriously, but it does have some good historical detail and when Gwen travels back in time it has a lot of really funny moments, as the Author writes in a witty style.

Drustan MacKeltar is a fantastic hero. Larger than life, he has a wild passion for Gwen. There's a scene in a sports store where Gwen tries to get suitable clothing for him so that he may stand out a little less in the present time; it's so funny I laughed 'til I was sore

Some of Gwen's phrases like 'cherry-picker' (referring to her virginity) get slightly annoying after a while but it really doesn't take anything away from a marvelous tale.

Drustan is an ancient Druid and as such has certain magical abilities. It's with his magic that he and Gwen can travel back and forth through time. I feel this plot device adds to the story as it is used in various ways throughout the book.

Silvan, Drustan's father, is a wonderful character, so much the studious gentleman but with a passion for Nell he feels he shouldn't give in too much to Nell's annoyance, as she desperately wants him to!

Passion and romance feature strongly in the story and the attraction between the main characters soon turns to love but the path of love definitely doesn't run smoothly in this story.

I really enjoyed this book. I give it five stars.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Mary.

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