by Karen Kelley

August 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0709-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

A snitch on the inside has just blown DEA agent Fallon Hargis’ cover. The target of her latest case, John Cavanaugh instructs his goons George and Jack to kill her. Not ready to die just yet Fallon thinks quickly and with the help of a pot of coffee manages to escape the two thugs and steal one of their guns in the process. Running for her life Fallon needs somewhere to hide out until the goons leave.

Vacationing Wade Tanner is just about to enter his Dallas hotel room when a woman with a very big gun forces him into his room. Imagine his surprise when the lady insists that he strip and since she has a gun who is he to refuse.

Fallon has overheard her pursuers and knows they plan to search the hotel room-by-room trying to find her. She figures her only hope is if she can get the two to believe they are entering a room where a couple is in the midst of a very passionate encounter. Maybe if she is lucky they won’t look too closely and will move on.

Fallon’s plan works a little to well. Not only has she gone too far with a man she hardly knows but also it seems she has been shot in her attempt to escape the thugs. Former FBI agent turned small town sheriff Wade convinces Fallon to return home with him since she can’t go back to the DEA because of the snitch. Having no other choice and not knowing whom she can trust Fallon agrees to hide out in Two Creeks, Texas. Will this be the best move she’s ever made or the biggest mistake of her life?

Once in a while a new author comes along that totally blows me away. This year that author is Karen Kelley. Southern Comfort is a book that will grab readers from the explosive first page and will carry them along until the surprising ending. Ms. Kelley shows tremendous talent for creating a fantastic story line in her first effort for Brava. Southern Comfort has it all, hot sex, loads of suspense, a feisty no nonsense heroine and a heart of gold to die for hero.

Secondary characters round out the story nicely and Ms. Kelley does an excellent job of depicting a small town in Texas. Make no mistake though Southern Comfort is Fallon and Wade’s story from beginning to end. Southern Comfort is defiantly the best book by a new author I have read this year. Pick up a copy of this outstanding book and treat yourself to a little Southern Comfort. Be prepared to add a new author to your auto buy list.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Barbara.

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