by Donna Kauffman, Nancy Warren, MaryJanice Davidson, Susanna Carr, Erin McCarthy, Lucy Monroe

October 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0886-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

First up is Making Waves by Donna Kauffman. Burke Morgan has learned that his chief crewmate and cook has taken a job in Australia for six weeks. Burke has now obtained his own boat. He has a big job cruising a wealthy newlywed couple around the islands between Christmas and New Year. Not one to leave his friend in a bind, Dorsey assures Burke that he has arranged for his oldest granddaughter to fill in during his absence. Dorsey assures him that Kamala knows as much as he does about a boat and she is an excellent cook. He will be in great hands. The only thing Dorsey doesn’t mention is that the woman also suffers from motion sickness. When Burke first sees Kamala he has some definite ideas on getting the stunning beauty accustomed to the rocking of his boat.

Next we have Nancy Warren with Let It Snow. Weather girl Marisa Langley and her cameraman Rob Sheridan are up on the roof of the local TV station recording a piece on the frigid weather conditions. The power goes out and the security doors lock them out of the building. How will these two stay warm and cozy until someone realizes they are missing?

Erin McCarthy gives us You, Actually. Josh Black has been in love with his friend Cassidy for years. He has transferred that love into a story line in his cartoon strip featuring his character Jack Block and Kristen. Cassidy is sure that the strip is an indication that Josh has also fallen in love with someone. She is worried this will be the last of their special Christmas Eve’s together. She is certain that Josh is prepared to break the news about finding true love. Can Cassidy settle for just being friends?

Undercover Clause by MaryJanice Davidson has undercover cop Corinne Bullwinkle dressed as a street corner Santa trying to nab a purse-snatcher. Businessman Tony Davidson has been walking by Corinne’s corner quite often and she suspects he might be the purse-snatcher. Then he starts dropping money in her kettle and asking her to dinner. Will this holiday Santa receive her perfect holiday present?

Lucy Monroe’s offering is Silver Bella. Supermodel Bella Jackson is used to being in the gossip magazines. The latest stories indicate she is a flop in bed and definitely not the bad girl she has the image of being. When sexy, Texas rancher Jake Barton suddenly starts attending her runway shows, Bella feels an instant connection with him. She wonders if perhaps this red-hot cowboy is the man to make her Christmas wishes come true.

Rounding out this six-pack of stories we have Susanna Carr with Snow Day. A group of high school friends have become snowbound while celebrating the holidays. Karen Price’s bad sense of direction soon lands her in Tyler Steven’s room. She thinks she has landed in the room of her current boyfriend Corey. She makes her move on him even though she can’t keep Tyler out of her mind. Could it be that Karen has found the right man for her after all?

Once again six talented Brava authors offer their fans a Christmas treat in Merry Christmas, Baby. These stories are short and fun. The perfect quick read for your busy holiday season. All of the authors introduce likeable characters and offer their unique voices to some very different Christmas tales. This volume is headed for my keeper shelf to be enjoyed year after year.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Barbara.