by Tielle St. Clare, Patrice Michelle, J.C. Wilder, R. Casteel, Alicia Sparks, Angela Knight

May 2004
ISBN: 1-84360-927-4
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On the heels of the successful release of the first Ellora’s Cavemen: Tales from the Temple, comes Tales from the Temple II. Chock full of fantastical stories that run the gamut from alien life forms, sexy werewolves, tempting vampires to a love that transcends time. As sexy and erotic as these novellas may be all but two of them lack any true depth to their storylines.

By Moon Rising by Tielle St. Claire

For three years Caitlin has been the personal assistant to the dangerously handsome werewolf Luc. In all that time they relationship has not progressed much beyond that of friendly boss and trusted employee. When the two of them are quarantined in a hotel room for three days with a full moon on the rise, Caitlin gets the chance to fulfill a fantasy and save Luc at the same time. Well worth the read. Short, sexy and sweet.

Dream Walker by Patrice Michelle

Physicist Erin Stein believed that discovering the formula for time travel would benefit humanity; however, she couldn’t have known her discovery would end up in the wrong hands. Now, with the help of her mysterious pen pal, Kian, Erin must find away to elude deadly pursuit and destroy her creation. Grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go.

One Night Stand by J.C. Wilder

Lucius de Ville had a body made for sex. He was the kind of vampire every woman desires to call her own if only for one night. Tonight Rachel has decided she will be that woman. For one night she intends to revel in the sexual expertise Lucius has gain over the centuries. The only question is whether she will be able to let him go in the morning.

A great little read but the characters' conflict was resolved too quickly

Dragon’s Law: Mace by Alicia Sparks

When Mace rescued Eleanora from the dragon, he could not have known he had found his mate. Waking from an injury-induced fever to discover he has mated with her, Mace does the only thing he can do — he claims her. Now, all he has to do is share his secrets with her and hope that she will accept him. This one leaves too many questions and inconsistencies unanswered.

Tail of the Tiger by R. Casteel

Kat is the half-human half–tiger product of illegal experiments performed by Dr. Cedric Deverone Sr. She has been living on her uninhabited island home since her creation and rarely comes into contact with humans. A shocked Cedric Deverone Jr. discovers his father’s secret experiments and is compelled to seek out Kat in the hopes that she will provide the answers he has searched all his life for. Again inconsistencies and plot deviations disappoint.

Taming Jack by Angela Knight

Motorcycle cop Jack Ramsey will do anything to find the monster that raped and murdered his baby sister. His obsession threatens his job and his future with love of his life and fiancé Lark. He is even willing to let an alien energy possess him so that he can pursue his sister’s killer. Now, to save Jack, Lark will have to become host to the same energy beings and join with Jack in a searing primal explosion of passion. A good story that was concluded too quickly.

But don’t take my word for it see for yourself.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Cynthia.