by Mandy M. Roth

May 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-442-9
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Assaulted, left for dead in the middle of a highway, and then being hit by a car was enough to kill the average person. But not Valerie. Taking only 4 months to heal, she’d pulled through like a trooper. She didn’t remember her trip to the hospital. In fact, she remembered little except her name. Her attending nurse became her friend and subsequently, her roommate. Thanks to an anonymous donor, a trust fund was set up to help her begin her life anew. The doctor on call in the ER the night Valerie was admitted, wanted to be a part of that new life.

It was in a coffee shop where Valerie got her first clue of her identity. Upon touching the hand of a stranger, Valerie had what could be described as an out-of-body experience. The woman called Valerie a valkyrie. The occurrence caused her to reconsider the dreams she’d been having. Dreams of flying, of being older and stronger. Dreams of fighting for her life.

Valerie’s dreams soon become reality. Upon hearing a woman screaming, Valerie runs to investigate. She expertly fights off the man appearing to be the attacker. Too late, she realizes she has just interrupted a movie being filmed by Vampyre Productions, a company currently shooting in her town. The “stalker” is Guytano Marsarius, actor and vampire. While there, she also meets Torin. Guytano believes Torin is trying to seduce Valerie, so he tries to dissuade him. The only thing accomplished is a fight. Valerie’s acquaintance with the two vampires doesn’t end there. One of them will try to destroy her while the other will give everything he has to save her.

Memories come back to Valerie a little at a time. Unfortunately, her life as she knows it changes along with the new found knowledge. The fight for her life begins anew, only this time she is not lying in a hospital bed. Friendships are lost and new ones are gained during the search for her past.

Vampyre Productions: The Valkyrie is another example of the talent and creativity of author Mandy M. Roth. The thrilling world she has invented continues to entice and gratify the reader. Valkyrie is tightly woven with mystery, sex, and the energy that is a hallmark of Roth's.

Also by Mandy M. Roth: Immortal Ops, and Daughter of Darkness.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Rho.

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