by Bobbi Smith

June 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5156-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Hard Luck, Texas 1879

Tomboy/Hellion Casey Turner could out rope, out ride, and out shoot any cowboy in the Texas town of Hard Luck. Casey brazenly dressed the role too, from her boys’ jeans, and Wranglers’ shirts, right down to her boots and six shooters! But underneath all of that was a beautiful young woman, who just needed the right man to come along. Having to work hard on her father’s struggling ranch didn’t allow for such trivial things as being a lady and courting! At least until the bank threatened to foreclose on the Bar T, and Casey’s ailing pa had to come up with a solution that would find a husband for his brash daughter, and a cash cow to pay off his debts! The answer to Jack’s problem was in the handsome form of Michael Donovan, son of his sworn enemy, Frank Donovan!

Casey Turner had been a thorn in Michael Donovan’s side since they were kids! Mercilessly teasing the tomboyish Casey became Michael’s favorite pastime, until one hot summer afternoon when they were teens. Michael had gone to the river to cool off with a swim. Casey, out riding the perimeter of her pa’s ranch, spotted Michael and decided it was payback time for the years of his insults to her! Casey stole his clothes making Michael the “butt” of jokes for years to come! Michael has recently returned to Hard Luck from the east to take over the running of his pa’s ranch, the Circle D, after his father is left crippled from a gunshot wound. The last thing Michael expected upon his return was to be forced into an alliance with his family’s sworn enemy the Turners by marrying that little hoyden, Casey! But that is exactly what his parents are making him do. It would be the solution to both families’ problems, and safeguard the future of their ranches! Can Michael and Casey put their animosities aside, bury their clans’ feud, and finally come to a peaceful understanding of each other? There are those in town who would like to see these two have the chance at happiness they seem heading towards, and there are those who are plotting the downfall of their already shaky relationship.

Bobbi Smith is back in the saddle with her new book, Brazen! Lots of great characters with real life issues. Casey and Michael will do anything to make their parents happy, even if it means putting aside old hatreds and striding forward to a new found respect for each other that leads them down the road to love. A fast, fun read!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Bonnie.

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