by Constance O`Banyon

June 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5365-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Texas 1867

Newly orphaned Casey Hamilton is bound and determined to claim her deceased uncle’s ranch, the Spanish Spur located off the muddy waters of the Brazos River deep in Texas. Casey has traveled by wagon train with her younger siblings, 13-year-old Sam, and 4-year-old Jenny only to reach the ranch and find it in shambles. It will take a miracle to bring it back to prosperity once again. None of the local men will work for her; they live in constant fear of Casey’s neighbor, the cold-hearted Cyrus Slaughter, who is most likely responsible for the condition the ranch is in now. Cyrus will make a deal with Casey, sell out to him, and she, her brother and sister, can go back to Virginia,... in one piece. The war has left the Hamilton’s former home devastated; there is nothing left for them there. In Texas, Casey can carve out a new life for her family, and the Spanish Spur is Sam’s legacy, Casey isn’t about to give it up to Cyrus. Regardless of his continued threats! Casey’s only choice is to trust the dark stranger with the six-shooters strapped low on his hips, who helped them haul their stuck wagon out of the mud. Casey senses this man’s secrets are many, but takes a chance on his offer for assistance in the running of the ranch, for room and board. Casey also begins to realize her feelings for this man are changing...rapidly! Casey doesn’t know how much longer she can resist the feel of his arms, and lips on her, she only knows that Gabe is the destiny she came to Texas to find.

Gabe is a loner. He has no family, no friends, no last name, and dark secrets that begin and end with his mysterious connection to Cyrus Slaughter. Gabe knows he must protect the Hamilton family, even at personal cost to himself. Casey Hamilton has become a part of him in the short time he has known her. He will fight any obstacle in his way to keep her and her family safe. Even if he must confront the horror of his past to do it! A past he has been running from for years, and will now be able to face because he has found a love that is worth healing his soul for.

Heart of Texas by Constance O’Banyon was such a sweet, warm story. The depth of Casey and Gabe’s love for each other is amazing! It will capture your heart and transport you right into Texas with them!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Bonnie.

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