by Donna Kauffman

October 2001
ISBN: 0-553-58242-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Donna Kauffman has written a book that tells a tale of love, passion and royal intrigue. Now add time travel, a sorcerer and a shapeshifting "pet" and the story just gets better and better

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Talia runs an animal shelter, yet she never keeps any of them for her herself. She is an empath, she can sense the feelings of the animals that she comes in contact with. This ability has also made it impossible for her to fulfill her dream of being a vet. Devlin is a mercenary sent from the future, by Queen Catriona, to find Eleri Trahaern, the royal healer. With the help of Baleweg, a sorcerer, and his shapeshifting "pet" Ringer, he travels to the past to finds out that Eleri is dead and that her daughter has no idea who her mother really was or "when" she came from. Devlin has to convince Talia that he is from the future and get her to agree to train with Baleweg so that she can come with them to the future so she can heal the Queen. He also has to protect her from the people who don't want her to succeed.

When Talia gets to the future nothing is as she expects it to be. Talia's relationship with Devlin develops in a realistic way and is wonderful to see. There are no big misunderstandings and no "I hate you, but I want you" scenes. Talia and Devlin's honesty with each other is refreshing. They face the true test of their relationship when the villain's true motives are revealed. The resolution of the conflict is interesting.

The Royal Hunter is a wonderful book. If you are a fan of time-travel and sorcery, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Carolyn.

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