by Jodi Lynn Copeland

May 2004
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In Sons of Solaris: Aries, we were introduced to a group of men with extraordinary powers. As teenagers treated as outcasts and felons, these boys were befriended by Solaris, a man who understood their powers. He taught each one how to survive and control the very thing that makes them unique. He also told them that there was one soul mate for each of them. Now Solaris is dead and the men are coming to terms with his murder and finding the right women for them.

Cara Larsen canít believe sheís back in Nevada working at a strip joint in Reno. For four years, she had been away, living and working a respectable job and doing something she loved. All that ended the day she chooses to leave the only man she will ever love. She finds that being with him is wonderful and exciting. Yet, the power they produce when they make love scares her more than her love for him can take. When he started talking about marriage and children, she knows itís time to leave. She wonít take the chance of having children as unique as their father.

Tristan Manseletti has known from the beginning that Cara is his soul mate, the only woman meant for him. He feels it the first time he makes love with her. Now sheís run away from him and he isnít sure how to bring her back. For the moment though, his frustrating love life must take a back seat to an artifact he has been looking for most of his life. When he heads to Reno to check it out, he has no way of knowing that his love and his destiny are about to collide in a painful crash that could break him or make him a whole new man.

Ms. Copeland has again achieved a wonderful balance between hot sexy love scenes and poignant moments of emotion and introspection. The characters of Tristan and Cara are given the chance to grow and change their lives while the story rushes to its climatic end. I would have liked to have more background on Cara. It might have made her actions and the choices she makes a little clearer at times. While there seems to be some questions that go unanswered at the end of the story, the overall plot is well developed and entertaining.

Sons of Solaris: Taurus takes the reader on an emotional ride to understanding we canít escape our destiny or those we are meant to love.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jenni.

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