by P. C. Cast

December 2004
ISBN: 0-373-80213-7
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Trade Paperback

Once more we journey to Partholon, the magical world P.C. Cast first introduced us to in Goddess By Mistake. It’s been a hundred years since our last visit, but the world has moved on. In Elphame’s Choice, we are introduced to a new generation and their trials.

Elphame is the oldest daughter of Epona’s Beloved. From her birth, she has been touched by the Goddess. She has been held in awe by her mother’s followers and has always been lonely. To make a new beginning, she decides to rebuild the MacCallen Castle which had been destroyed during the war with the Fomorians a hundred years ago.

From the moment she sets foot in the castle courtyard, Elphame feels like she has come home. It doesn’t matter that the castle is in ruins. She can see how beautiful it will be in her dreams. At night, her dreams are filled with a vague uneasiness and certainty that her fate is waiting for her within the stones of the castle.

Fate also has some choices for Elphame to make. Her decisions could destroy or be the salvation of a people. Will she be strong enough to trust her heart? Will everyone survive the aftermath of her choice? Has the Goddess chosen the right vessel for the fulfillment of a prophecy?

All I can say is bravo. Ms. Cast has done it again. She has created characters the reader will take into her heart and become friends with. These are characters we will laugh and cry with. Characters we don’t want to see leave at the end of story. Elphame is a strong complex female with hard choices to make. Her true strength lies not in her body, but in her belief in herself. The story moves fast without much let down at any point. The secondary characters help bring the reader deeper into the story. Their own relationships and trials become just as important as Elphame’s.

Elphame’s Choice is a wonderfully touching story about looking inside and seeing the true beauty of a person. It also teaches the lesson of learning to trust yourself. I’ll be eagerly waiting for Ms. Cast’s next book.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Jenni.

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