by Jessica Hall

October 2004
ISBN: 0-451-41158-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

A New Orleans bar burns down; fifteen people are killed. A Mercedes is set on fire; trapped inside is a beautiful woman. Detective Terri Vincent is assigned to the case. Transferred from Homicide to the Organized Crime Unit she had hoped to stay clear of fire marshal Cort Gamble. But when Terri is told that Cort is suspected of mob connections and believed to be the serial arsonist, she knows itís up to her to prove her new boss wrong. After all, she knows Cort. She fell for him ten years ago and still loves him despite the painful rejection following their one hot night spent together.

The first evidence in the investigation proves to be personal. To save innocent lives Terri is required to pose as Cortís new girlfriend. Itís bad enough that she has to transform herself from swamp urchin into a Garden District socialite, but keeping her hands off him proves to be the real test. With the Torcher after him, the mob threatening him and the police suspecting him, Cort only wants to keep the woman by his side safe. Safe from being killed and safe from any advances other than his own.

Terri and Cort are two protagonists familiar to readers of Jessica Hallís previous release Into The Fire. Although Heat of the Moment can be read as a stand alone title, the reader will get more enjoyment out of it by reading both. Terri and Cortís relationship and character growth spans both titles which results in ample opportunities to identify with the heroine. Itís the hero whom Iíd have loved to learn more about.

Theirs is a very heated relationship. Iím not so sure about some of their preferred locations, but motorcycles and crŤme brulee will never seem the same. With non-stop action and the highly combustible sexual tension Heat of the Moment is enough of a thrilling roller coaster ride to ignore some of the improbable twists needed to hide the arsonists identity. It might not be Jessica Hallís best book, but it is one hot and very enjoyable read.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Kris Alice.

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