by Cathie Linz

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-19720-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1720
Mass Market Paperback

Striker Kozlowski had joined the Marines at nineteen much to his grandfatherís dismay. Striker chose to follow his fatherís footsteps and pursue a life in the Marine Corps over becoming a big oil executive and being groomed to take over King Oil by his grandfather. This decision caused Hank King to disinherit his grandson and his siblings as well. Striker always hoped he could make up with his grandfather but it seems it wasnít meant to be as Striker has just learned the man has suddenly died of a heart attack.

Kate Bradley, a woman from Strikerís past has come to give him the news. Kate is also his grandfatherís lawyer and it seems that the old man is still controlling things from beyond the grave. Hank has stipulated in his will that Striker must come back and run King Oil for a period of two months in order to inherit the business. If he doesnít agree then the business will be sold, possibly costing hundreds of people their jobs.

The Marine Corps gives Striker and emergency leave in order to return to Texas to take care of business. Although Striker doesnít want to go, he also doesnít want to be responsible for all the hard working people who work at King Oil to lose their jobs so he reluctantly goes.

Kate has been secretly in love with Striker since she was a teenager. It will take everything she has not to reveal her true feelings to him while heís back in town. Will she be able to keep her true feelings under wraps for the duration?

No other author does marines quite like Cathie Linz. She has a true appreciation for these brave men who risk their lives to keep us safe and it shines brightly in her writing. Striker Kozlowski is perhaps her sexiest hero to date.

With tender emotion and superb story telling Ms. Linz once again gives readers a book they wonít soon forget. With sexy Marines, the great state of Texas and cowboys as a backdrop you will want to be sure and add Her Millionaire Marine to your summer reading list. As an added plus Striker has several brothers who will be coming your way soon with stories of their own.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Barbara.

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