by Cheyenne McCray & Annie Windsor

May 2004
ISBN: 1-84360-855-3
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Zin, a five hundred year old Aztec warrior, has been a Vampiro, a vampire, ever since his Eternal mate was murdered by Los Lopos, shape-shifting demons. She sacrificed to their evil goddess. He chose to turn Vampiro to await the reincarnation of his precious love’s soul. When he senses her return, he is once again forced to fight the Lopos for her- this time he has vowed not to fail her, even if it means his death.

Recording artist Hannah Cordova is escaping the fervor that her betrayal of her secrets has caused. Her slimy sneaky, slithering, craven, snake of an ex; sold the tabloids information about her personal life. When she has had enough of the press hounding her, she leaves town to join her best friend in Cabo San Lucas for an impromptu vacation. On the way, she is lured off the road to a luxurious resort hotel on the outskirts of a small Mexican town, where all is not as it seems.

There she discovers a nightmare world, a love that transcends time itself, and an unexpected destiny that will either save her world or destroy it.

Reader favorites Cheyenne McCray and Annie Windsor collaborate on this yummy vampire tale for a double dose of sexy adventure. Vampire Dreams is an intriguing alternate reality story that will thrill you, excite you, touch you, and sate you. I hope this is only the first in a series because I really want to know more about this world. Sink your teeth into this one without regret.


Reviewed in June 2004 by Cynthia.