by Kathleen O`Reilly

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69175-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #975
Mass Market Paperback

Book three in the bachelorette pact series from Kathleen O’Reilly features Bethany Von Meter also known as the lonely one. Bethany is from a well to do family in the Chicago area but she has always sought to make it on her own without her family’s money and status helping her along the way. She has a job she really likes at Starbucks. She has a full life with lots of friends and family. The only thing she is lacking is that special someone to call her own and share the long nights with.

Bethany is the one of the four college friends who has always believed she would get married and start a family when the right guy came along. If she could just find the key ingredient to make her dream a reality, that special man to call her own. Taking matters into her own hands Bethany turns to the Internet looking for love and post her own ad.

After several dates with the wrong man Bethany meets Spencer James who shows definite possibilities until he opens his mouth. To say Spencer is a cynic where love is concerned is a big understatement. The man has been burned once and no he wasn't looking for it to happen again thank you very much. Besides as he explains to Beth he just answered her ad to convince her to help him with an article he is writing for the Chicago Tribune on online dating. Spencer convinces Beth to help him and in exchange he will rewrite her ad to attract the kind of guy she really wants. The two form a partnership to help each other out.

Spencer rewrites Beth’s ad and before she knows it she has several more dates lined up including one with Michael, who seems like Mr. Perfect. If only Beth could stop thinking about Spencer. Speaking of Spencer he should be pleased with all the resources Beth can provide for his big article. Why is it all he wants to do is smash Mr. Perfect’s teeth in. Could the stuffy reported be breaking his own rule and falling for his subject?

Breakfast At Bethany’s is the most unconventional of the three stories to date. The author conveys the feelings of her characters in a fabulous manner. She brings back the friends from the earlier books and updates the reader on them as well. She has written the character of Spencer, the stuffy journalist to perfection and although I didn’t fall in love with his it was fun to watch as Beth did. The ever-changing personal ad at the beginning of each chapter is a delightful touch.

I have found each story in this series to be uniquely different in its own way. Ms. O’Reilly has done a splendid job of creating a series that defiantly is not your everyday Temptation story. This is a unique series for the keeper shelves by an extraordinary author. I can’t wait for the fourth and final story in the series, The Longest Night, coming in June.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Barbara.

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