by Beverly Barton

September 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7219-8
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Mass Market Paperback

As Good As Dead is the final book in Beverly Bartonís Cherokee Pointe trilogy. Ms. Barton has done a skillful job of giving her readers a new story designed to capture their attention while updating the lives of favored characters from previous books. If you havenít read the previous books (which in my opinion you should) donít despair as there is enough background in As Good As Dead for it to be a stand alone.

A serial killer is loose in Tennessee, but life in Cherokee Pointe is seemingly unaffected or is it? The calm is totally shattered when the killer strikes not once, but maybe twice in Cherokee Pointe. Becky Olmstead, a young prostitute is murdered in the same MO as another recent victim. It is Jacob and Dallas who figures out that a serial killer is in full operational mode, and this starts the wheel turning that takes a look at a series of unsolved crimes that date back quite some time.

At the time of Beckyís death there is another murder. That is the murder of a man who was Beckyís pimp. Are they connected or just a coincidence that two murders have occurred in the quiet town? Will solving one murder solve not only the other, but the long string of unsolved murders all over the area?

As Dallas and Jacob work at finding a murderer they uncover the fact that all the murdered women have red hair. Jazzy Talbot and Reve Sorrell both have red hair. Does this make them a target? Jazzy and Reve are concerned that they might be victims. While concern mounts for them, they are totally immersed in finding out their true parentage. The history of Jazzy and Reve are intent upon unearthing sets into motion a string of events that will strongly affect not only them but other residents of the area.

As Good As Dead is a read that had me reluctantly closing it at bedtime. I totally enjoyed every turn of the page. It was with mixed emotions that I said goodbye to the residents of Cherokee Pointe. In my opinion As Good As Dead had the perfect blend of suspense and romance. Iím personally not a keeper of books, but if I were I would be adding this final installment to my keeper shelf. When Ms. Bartonís 2005 release hits the shelves Iím sure I will be amongst the first in line.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Sandi.

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