by Julie Kenner

August 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52575-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Mordichai Black, half-human son of super villain Hieronymous Black and former bad boy extraordinaire, has turned over new leave. Finally accepting that his father was just using him, Mordi bid his manipulative father a fond goodbye. Now that he has officially joined the Protector council, and he is free of his evil sire`s influence the future is starting to look mighty fine for Mordi.

The start rolling in when Mordi finds out that his bad to bone father has applied for “re-assimilation” into the Council. And his timing couldn’t be worse because Mordi has met the woman who makes him want to settled down and make some little Protectors of his won.

Newly promoted Protector Isole Frost wouldn’t know a bad boy if he came along and bit her on the butt. She wasn’t used to being around them on an equal footing. She was more used to giving them the cold shoulder than a come hither glance. She has been a Protector for years but someone is trying to make her change teams. Even worse she has this strong desire to jump Mordi’s bones, she still has to deal with absentminded inventor father’s mysterious benefactor who just so happens to be her latest case. What’s a pretty young Protector to do?

Aphrodite’s Flame is the latest in Julie Kenner’s series about the superheroes called the Protectors — beings very familiar with the Greek gods, and gifted with enormous powers. The Protectors dedicate their lives to insuring the protection of the human race. This laugh out loud funny book is sexy, compelling, and worth not taking bathroom breaks.


Reviewed in July 2004 by Cynthia.

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