by Jaci Burton

May 2004
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Lycan’s Surrender by Jaci Burton is a book about warring peoples trying to take the same land that belongs to Lycan, King of Raynar.

Raynar is a very rich and favorable kingdom on the edge of desert terrain, where women are protected, but not ‘free’. They are trained to be concubines. The Centuri are a particularly nasty warring clan that live in the desert and want Raynar, at any cost. The Dognelle are a ‘free’ female warrior clan, which also resides in the desert.

Starr, Queen of Dognelle, was struck down in battle with Raynar. Actually, it was Lycan who rendered her unconscious on the battlefield. After the battle, he realizes she is alive and takes her back to Raynar for medical treatment.

Once she awakens, Starr realizes where she is and, knowing what she knows about the females on Raynar, decides she would rather die than to succumb to the ‘training’. If nothing else, she will put up a good fight!

Lycan realizes Starr is nothing like the women of Raynar; she’s intelligent, educated and very outspoken. He admires her for the very differences that will make it difficult for him to protect and keep her!

Starr is a ‘Virgin Queen’ who has led her people a long time. There are men in Dognelle, but they don’t appeal to her. She feels she needs someone strong, sharp-witted, intelligent……….someone like Lycan.

Seeing these two very strong-willed people slowly change the ways they have been taught in order to accept the other was fascinating. You get the impression that neither will change and yet you can actually see the changes taking place slowly!

This was a fast read for me as I was so entrenched in their story. This book has a fabulous hero and heroine who, at the beginning, admit they will never change and yet we can see them changing their attitudes as the story progresses.

I am thrilled to be able to read a story where the man surrenders to the woman in order to make the relationship work!!!

Thanks you, Ms. Burton, for a great read!! I’ll be looking for more of your stories!!!

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.

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