by Elizabeth Crane

April 1992
ISBN: 0-8439-3254-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Renata O'Neal started having irresistible urges to take walks in graveyards and had trouble sleeping, she decided it would be prudent to visit a psychologist and undergo hypnotism. When she ends up in the Victorian 1880's, in a bad marriage, in another woman's body - she realizes her problems are only beginning.

Renata is stunned to discover that she has taken the place of Callie Blue, a timid, fearful woman, much like the characteristic young women of the 1880's. Callie is married to handsome, virile Nathan Blue. Renata has never met another man like Nathan and before long she has fallen in love with him. Renata is determined to heal the rift that has grown over time in Callie and Nathan's marriage and to make the best of the time she has while in this era. However, Nathan has been burned by Callie in the past and even though he cannot understand the changes he sees in her, he is afraid to take the chance on being hurt again.

In addition to trying to overcome the difficulties within their marriage, there is also an outside deadly, sinister force desperately trying to keep Callie and Nathan apart. Renata hopes that what little she knows of Callie's future will be enough to prevent the unthinkable of happening. But will she be able to completely uncover the secrets of Callie's life before it is too late? And even if she does, will she have a chance of a future with Nathan or be swept back to her time?

If I have any complaints about Reflections in Time, it would have to be that Nathan's character was rather one-dimensional. Beyond the fact that Nathan is patient and wants to make his marriage to Callie work out, the reader never learns much about his personality. This was disappointing since Callie/Renata had several facets to her character and therefore Ms. Crane is capable of more than she bestowed upon Nathan.

Renata's reactions to life in the 1880's were very believable and often humorous. Elizabeth Crane's attention to small details, such as the differences in the housework and clothing of that era, added dimension to the story that made you feel as though you were swept back in time along with Renata. Additionally, the adjustments Renata had to make in her speech and mannerisms were fine points that gave even more depth to the story.

Time-travel romances have never been a preferred genre of mine because I have always felt as though they were too unrealistic. However, I was so caught up in the storyline in Reflections in Time, I didn't once have a chance to dwell on the "how" or "why" of the plot. Reflections in Time does not disappoint and has made this reader eager to take another look at time-travel romances.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Nicole.

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