by Anthology

June 2004
ISBN: 0-515-13771-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

For those of you who love anything to do with cowboys and the west from ten gallon hats, handsome guys on horses, to the possibility of riding off into the sunset with your hero this will be one book you’ll want to put on your summer reading list.

The story that led the pack for me was Jodi Thomas’s Easy On the Heart. Cowboy Cooper Adams is perfectly content with life on his own ranch. There's no special woman in his life, but most of the time he feels he's much too busy for a woman anyway. The story begins with him standing outside the local watering hole, where he indulged in one good drink, waiting for his matchmaking sisters to arrive in town. Cooper loves his sisters dearly because after all they basically raised him and then there was the time that they practically marched onto the battlefield where he was wounded and took him home till he was recovered but he wishes they would leave his non-existent love life alone.

This time around, Cooper is surprised to find himself thinking that one of his sisters may have romance in mind for herself as he keeps finding her in the rundown store of Miles Woodburn, a dreaded Yankee. As Cooper stays one step behind Winnie to try to figure out what her interest in Woodburn is, he keeps running into Woodburn’s quiet sister Mary who is so shy and quiet that she seems scared of her own shadow. Before the Adams sisters pack up to head home to Dallas, there very well may be two weddings to plan.

Patricia Potter offers up a great returning from war story in Coming Home where you’ll get to meet Seth Sinclair who like many other soldiers feels lucky to be alive after fighting the war of the confederacy and even luckier to be returning home to the family and ranch he loves. It is only when he rides in to find a gun pointed at him and a different name on the ranch that he realizes things certainly have changed on the home front. Elizabeth McGuire is the woman behind the gun and also the woman who has been raising Seth’s baby sister. Once Elizabeth finds out who Seth is, she may end up being the one to give him the welcome home he deserves.

You’ll also find two offerings in this anthology by Emily Carmichael and Maureen McKade that will wrap up this charming western package for you. I hope before you close the page on the last story that you’ll have enjoyed your visit to the west and that before you leave you’ll take a chance to enjoy nice, cold lemonade on the front porch swing with your favorite cowboy.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Shelby.

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