by Erin McCarthy

ISBN: 0-7582-0597-X
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Trade Paperback

Dr. Houston Hayes is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He makes it a practice to keep his distance from both colleagues and patients alike. He believes in keeping his personal life personal and has never had a problem with this philosophy until intern Josie Adkins stumbled into his life. Ever since their first meeting Houston canít get the curvy, cheerful accident waiting to happen out of his mind. He doesnít remember ever having such a strong attraction to another female.

Josie Adkins has always wanted to follow in her fatherís footsteps and become a surgeon. She thought she had a pretty good shot at achieving her goal until her current rotation with the talented and sexy Dr Houston Hayes. The man for some reason intimidates her to no end. Every time he is near she is dropping instruments or running into things or creating some other kind of mishap to make the man think she is a total klutz.

Houston has the perfect solution to his obsession with Josie. Although he has never had more than a working relationship with another colleague he prescribes one night of hot steamy sex as the cure for his obsession. After some thought Josie agrees to Houstonís plan but she has plans of her own. Her plan is to make the night so memorable that Houston canít stop thinking about her. Her message is clear. "Houston, you have a problem because there is no getting over me." So just which doctor will win this battle of wills? You will have to buy the book to find out.

Erin McCarthy has steamed up the halls of the hospital ward with her latest release. With her usual flair for writing strong willed characters, Ms. McCarthy has given the reader another book that is hard to put down with characters that wonít soon be forgotten. She also has plenty of hot steamy scenes so keep your AC on high while reading. Ms. McCarthy is definately a fresh new voice in the world of romance. Keep them coming, Erin.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Barbara.

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