by Scott Carpenter, Sahara Kelly

May 2004
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Partners in Passion: No Limits – Book 2 , introduces us to Jodi Preston, the sister to the heroine in Partners in Passion 1:Elenoar and Justin.

She has her own restaurant, The Eating Place, connected to her brother-in-law’s bar, The Mating Place. Jodi is quite happy with the way she has her life planned out, with one possible exception. She’s lonely, but doesn’t like admitting it!

She has a “fuck buddy”, who pops up when he wants – no demands. They have sex and that’s it – he gets off and Jodi doesn’t!! Afterward, she goes over to the bar for a drink and talks to Marcus, the bartender.

Marcus is a man of many secrets. He’s a photographer, but not a normal photographer. He takes a certain kind of picture with friends. He has an ex-wife who won’t leave him alone when she’s in town, but couldn’t wait to hit the door when a rich man came along while they were married, after Marcus got her career as a model off the ground! After Marcus’s ex-wife left him, he stopped photography as a career and starting taking the type of pictures he wanted.

Jodi has some issues stemming from an incident that happened to her many years before in Paris and she’s adjusted her thinking to relate to this event. Her self-esteem is low, relating to everything except her work.

When Marcus and Jodi get together, it’s great to be able to see how Marcus helps Jodi with her self-image and self-esteem. He shows her that she is the woman for him and the incident in Paris, and her resulting issues, were for naught.

This book had some fun moments when Jodi had ‘conversations’ with herself and Marcus talked things over with “Oscar”.

These authors tell a remarkable tale of a woman coming into her own sexually and the man who helps her, and the resulting bond. Romance, humor and creepy bad guy – this book has it all! A truly fabulous read that I'd recommend!

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.