by Sherri L. King, Lora Leigh, Jaid Black

May 2004
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The Horde Wars: Sacred Eden by Sherri L. King. In this return to the world of the Shikar warriors, we are reunited with Cady and Obsidian. Together Cady and Sid are greatly honored for their skills as warriors; they also share a deep and abiding love like no other, that will surely last until the end of time. They face their greatest test when Death itself challenges the lovers.

Blood Ties: Knight Stalker by Lora Leigh. Bliss St. Clair had no idea when she came into work that day she would walk into the bar`s backroom and find the man of her dreams, Cadan Gaelan, humping the resident bar tramp on the pool table. She also did not expect Cadan to have the sharpest canines she had ever seen, sunk into his partner`s neck. Cadan is a vampire but he walks in the sunlight, can`t turn into a bat, and has no problems with garlic. The one thing Cadan has a weakness for is Bliss; he wants her, not her blood, not the part of her that makes her the perfect candidate to enter his world, but for the fire, the passion, in her soul. He will have to convince her to accept him and his secrets before it is too late.

Trek Mi Q`an: Devilish Dot by Jaid Black. Dorothy, `Dot` Araiza is a sex toy maker. She dreams of an adventurous life away from her present boring, staid existence, of finding her happily ever after, complete with requisite Prince Charming. Of course, after eight years without getting some lovin`, Dot is definitely due some. When a lightning storm brings Dot all of her lusty fantasies, Prince Charming is not exactly as she picture him.

Find yourself a comfy chair, folks, because you will not want to leave your computer until this book is finished. All three of these paranormal novellas have strong characterization, compelling plots, and shine as bright as novas.

Sherri L. King`s Sacred Eden will heat up your night in more ways than one. As a newcomer to this paranormal series I can honestly say I will be looking for the other three fuller novels.

The first story in Lora Leigh`s new series, Blood Ties: Knight Stalker suggests an interesting origin for vampires. With her familiar masterful touch with love scenes, and strong-willed characters you cannot possibly go wrong with this novella.

Fans of Jaid Black, who have visited her website will be familiar with the wise cracking character, Devilish Dot. Well, ladies, the sex toy guru extraordinaire, has been immortalized in print. Although this novella is unrelated to the Trek mi Q`an main characters, it is still a thoroughly entertaining read. Dot is hilarious and her `Prince`, plays the straight man very well. Enjoy!

Reviewed in May 2004 by Cynthia.