by Fiona Gibson

July 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25064-9
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Trade Paperback

Jonathan seemed quite nice. At least as far as Nina could tell from his response to her personals advertisement. If nothing else, he would at least function as a companion. Nina never figured him to be the father of her child, but accidents do happen.

And when they occur, they bring about change, and now out and about Nina has become a stay at home Mom who’s chopping at the bit for some excitement. When her friend, Eliza, a fashion editor, wants to use baby Ben as a model for a photo shoot, Nina sees a way out of her boring, monotonous life. Her only worry – telling strait-laced Jonathan about the commercial life their son is living.

It is rare that a secret ever needs to be told because secrets have a way of revealing themselves, and when Jonathan discovers Nina’s deception, he and she will both have a great deal of growing up to do.

Despite the slightly irritating personalities of the lead characters, Nina and Jonathan, Babyface still manages to be a witty, insightful novel capable of tugging at heartstrings. Fiona Gibson writes as only a mother can, poignantly and vividly about the stages a new mother goes through as she comes to term with her new role in life. Where most writers fail, she excels in weaving the story from the past to the present and vice versa without causing the reader to lose focus in the narrative.

Nina is the voice used to tell Gibson’s story, and it is through Nina and her relationship with those around her, especially Jonathan and even little Ben, that the reader is drawn into the wonderful yet totally unpredictable world of motherhood.

Kudos to Fiona Gibson for a smashing good read.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Natasha.

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