by Deborah Grace-Staley

May 2004
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Welcome to Angel Ridge, Tennessee where everyone knows your business and there’s talk of angels to help the love move along. A town founded by five families, Angel Ridge has its high class families and its families from the wrong side of town. What will happen when two people from each class decide to bridge the gap?

Dr. Josephine “Josie” Allen has returned home to become what she has always wanted: the director of the Angel Ridge Library. She had a little help paying for school from the largest financial supporters of the library. However, when Josie starts having a relationship with one of the Craig boys, the supporter demands that she stop immediately. Josie was never good at being told what to do.

Town handyman, Cole Craig, has been attracted to Josie since they were in school together. When his father fell ill, Cole had to drop out of high school to take care of the family farm. Now that Josie is back in town, Cole won’t let a chance at winning the girl of his dreams slip by. When the snootiest woman in town tries to force Josie and Cole apart, Cole reveals his secret livelihood.

Only You is a sweet romance about two people from “different sides of the tracks” and their evolving relationship. While Josie isn’t a stuck up snob, she does have her own ideas as to what is important. To Josie, the library is very important as is the computer program that she is developing to make stocking in the library easier. She works days, nights, weekends, and through meals to get everything up and running. She is being pressured by the powers that be and having a hard time fending off a man for whom she feels no desire.

Cole has been searching for a way to get Josie to “see” him. When her water pipes break, he finally has the opportunity that he’s needed. Cole is strong and intelligent, though he hides his intelligence from the town. His feelings are "why not let them see what they expect?" Cole sets out to woo Josie and does so in sweet romantic ways. However, when he perceives that her job is in trouble because of him, Cole divulges a secret that he never wanted people to know.

This wonderfully funny and romantic story had me by the heart strings. I was in love with Cole before I knew it and as emotionally stressed as Josie. I wanted to rant and rave at the unfairness of some people and applaud the bravery of others. As this is the first story in Deborah Grace-Stanley’s Angel Ridge series, I know that I’ll be waiting (impatiently) for the next stories and another visit to a small town that I’m coming to fall in love with.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Vikky.

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