by Cassie Edwards

June 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21219-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Maggie Tolan is camped with her Uncle Patrick and the wagons that have trekked with them. They are leaving Boston for Oregon. It sounded like a wonderful, exciting adventure and Maggie had been eager before all the tragedies began falling on their group. Having already lost her mother, Maggie's spirits are somewhat downtrodden.

Two men visit their encampment and introduce themselves. One is the nearby rancher, Archy. He seems like a somewhat shifty man and claims he is there to warn them of the liklihood of renegade attacks. The second man is Wind Walker. In an attempt to keep his people from being blamed for renegade actions, he made it a point to set up a friendly, peaceful meeting beforehand.

Later that night, Maggie is stolen. Patrick is left with the dilemma. Which man stole his neice? Whom can he trust?

As Wind Walker comes to Maggie's aid, the two begin to form a bond.

This is another novel fans of Edward's have come to expect and love. In particular, I didn't feel this villian is as overdone as some in the past and the novel was much more enjoyable this way. While it is full of action, the action doesn't dominate or over-ride the main story. There's a very sweet side to this novel. Sweet is an element not always present in Edwards' past works, but it almost dominates this one.

I recommend Wind Walker to any fan of Cassie Edwards. This is an enjoyable and quick read.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Katy.

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