by Lindsay McKenna

March 1994
ISBN: 0-373-27027-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #27
Mass Market Paperback

Hangar 13 has all the earmarks of a great Lindsey McKenna book. The hero, Mac Stanford, is a modern-day warrior. A fighter pilot doing what he loves. He's at his best in the air where his life depends on his skill and technology. The heroine, Ellie O'Gentry is a powerful shamaness. Grounded in the earth and linked to a plain most can't see. She and Mac couldn't have been more different. It's rare for two such different worlds to meet, but when an angry spirit begins attacking the crew Mac commands in Hangar 13 something needs to be done about it.

Mac is at first skeptical of who Ellie is and what she does, but in Mac readers find a man not closed off to possibilities. And that is what makes him such a great hero. Throughout this book Mac strives to understand Ellie and what makes her who she is. Unlike the strict and structured world he lives in Mac has a flexibility and an open-mindedness that this book just would not have worked without.

Ellie is a woman of great spiritual power but she's got problems of her own to work through. Badly hurt by a marriage to a man who'd been unable to accept her world, she doesn't believe a relationship with someone of Mac's background would work out. Fortunately, Mac isn't easily put off and goes about gently but persistently wearing down her barriers.

Together, Ellie and Mac work to find out who the enraged spirit is, and how they can rid the hangar of his presence.

Mac makes the book. Ellie is a thoroughly interesting character but it's Mac who I found the most interesting. The past events in his life. His failed marriage. His view on getting older while in the military. He wasn't portrayed as a young pilot and his age wasn't ignored, although he's by no means old.

As always Ms. McKenna's descriptions were right on point. When Mac took Ellie up in his jet you could totally imagine it. Feel the pressure of the take off as gravity pushed you into your seat. I found myself holding my breath until Ellie could breathe again.

Hangar 13 is a book I'd recommend. It gives insight into a world not often thought about without relegating the romance to the back seat. It also has that touch of danger that threads through all the books in the no longer produced Silhouette Shadows line.

Reviewed in August 2001 by JaToya.

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