by Judy Baer

October 2004
ISBN: 0-373-78526-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

Whitney Blake is thirty and unmarried with no prospects in sight. Her mother is concerned she’s going to end up a spinster and is trying to fix Whitney up with any eligible man she meets. Whitney is beginning to despair that Mr. Right will ever arrive, when suddenly she’s being courted by two men—wonderful Eric who is madly in love with airplanes and will forget about Whitney for months on end if an airplane is anywhere in the vicinity (but he’s so adorable, she can’t stay made at him) and Matt who seems to think Whitney needs a resume to get into the movies.

When Whitney’s best friend develops breast cancer, Whitney’s world goes into a tailspin. Kim wants her around constantly to hold her hand and comfort her in all the unknowns. It doesn’t hurt that Kim’s doctor is a positive hunk. But he’s unavailable. Or is he?

Written entirely in diary form The Whitney Chronicles are adorably hilarious. Even though it’s been awhile since I was single and trying to balance multiple dates one month and worrying no one would call the next, I could still relate to Whitney and hope she could work things out.

The Whitney Chronicles is a hilarious, laugh out loud book that will keep you rolling. I had to share parts of this book with my husband, kids, and any other innocent bystander. This book will so engross the reader that she will find herself focusing totally on the story and making silly mistakes in day-to-day life because they can’t put the book down. My children even found shoes in the refrigerator. This debut novel in the Steeple Hill Café line is simply awesome.

The Whitney Chronicles is a book for the keeper shelf.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Laura.

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