by Teresa Hill

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-78518-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

I have devoured all of Teresa Hillís books since she first started writing romances and had been constantly checking her website to find info on upcoming books. I was thrilled to see she has joined the outstanding list of authors that are now writing for Steeple Hillís inspirational line. Ms. Hill has found a good home among these authors as she has always offered such gentle romances. This book is no exception.

William Jackson Cassidy also known as Jax spent the years after his fatherís death feeling responsible for his mother and three younger sisters. At thirty years old he is carrying way too much weight on his handsome shoulders and heís in no way ready to handle his mothers death. When he finds out that her will asks him to take care of not only his sisters, her house and belongings but also her dog Romeo, Jax has no idea which way to turn. One thing is for sure; he has got to find a new home for Romeo and fast.

Mousy Gwen Moss is reeling from an attempted rape and is scared of her own shadow. When her aunt offers her a chance to move to Magnolia Falls and live in her house until she finds out what she wants to do, she jumps at the chance. Life is good but for the fact she still canít escape the fear that has taken over her life.

When funeral arrangements throw Jax and Gwen together youíll begin to wonder if maybe Jaxís mother knew just the right plan for her son. These two lost souls will end up being just what the other needs. Jax is the perfect one to help Gwen overcome her fears and step back into the real world and Gwen is the kind soul whose strong faith and friendship will allow Jax to get through his mourning period. Romeo will also play a strong role in making Jax and Gwen see what is right before their eyes.

As I closed the final pages of this book, I was once again anticipating what Ms. Hill plans to do for her next book and even wondering if maybe there are a few sequels in the works for the Cassidy family. After all Jax has three sisters who need a hero of their own.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Shelby.

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