by Diana Palmer

ISBN: 0-373-19444-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

I enjoyed this continuation of Diana Palmer's Soldiers of Fortune series. The characters are entertaining and as you read you can't help wondering which of the many soldiers introduced in this book will be featured in their own story.

Sally Johnson, had once been in love with Ebenezer Scott, but she'd been too young. Now, she's fully-grown but hesitant to be near Eb. The chemistry between Eb and Sally in the beginning is rather peculiar but intriguing. Sally alternates between being shy with Eb and being bold; a combination that comes across as sweet but spunky.

Due to her aunt's involvement in the indictment of a drug lord, Sally, her aunt Jessica, and Jessica's young son, Stevie, are in danger. Sally finds herself in constant contact with Eb, having moved back to their hometown where her aunt seeks Eb's assistance in keeping them safe. Eb, a former mercenary with enough contacts to do the job, is more than willing to use the opportunity to keep close to Sally and possibly make up for the pain he'd once caused her.

The most intriguing character in this book has to be the villain, Manuel Lopez. He's not a nice man but it's hard to decide if he's to be hated or pitied. He's done terrible things in his lifetime but he almost seems to regret them and his rule about never harming children, and the fact that he always keeps his word, makes him very human to the reader.

The only other book in this series that I've read so far is The Tender Stranger, but after reading Mercenary's Woman I fully intend to read all that came before and any that will come after.

Reviewed in July 2001 by JaToya.

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