by Ann Evans

July 2004
ISBN: 0-373-71215-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1215
Mass Market Paperback

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Nick DíAngelo doesnít need any more problems in his hectic life so when Kari Churchill shows up at his airstrip past her appointment time, he sends her packing. He has no time to hear her sob story about how she wants to visit the last place that her father may have ever been before he died. When he finds out that she has sweetly persuaded his younger sister Addy to take her up anyway and that they have managed to wreck his plane in a storm, he is livid! Who does this woman think she is?

Nick seems to be the only one in his family who isnít falling for Kariís charms though. His sister lays no blame at all on Addy; his fourteen year old daughter thinks Kari is oh, so cool; his matchmaking aunts think she is just what the lodge and Nick needs and his parents even invite her to their lodge to help out til Addy is able to return to work.

When Kari takes his parents up on their offer to stay at the lodge and learn the day-to-day routines of running the family lodge, Nick finds it harder and harder to avoid her. Not only is Kari pleasant on the eye but when she helps make some positive changes in the attitude of his daughter even he starts having second thoughts about how he has judged her.

What most impressed me with this book by Ann Evans was the time she must have spent doing research in Colorado. Her descriptions of the area were enough to make me feel like I was there. I did find myself sometimes more wrapped up in the wonderful job she did with description and the colorful antics of the DíAngelo family that I didnít get that involved in the actual romance that was taking place.

I didnít see any sequel info in this book but I personally would love to take another visit to Lightning River, Colorado and hear more about this wonderful Italian family and life at the lodge.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Shelby.

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