by K.A. Schneider

ISBN: 1-4137-3442-1
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I wasnít too sure about The Scent of Magnolias and Men because romance books set in and around the Civil War just do not appeal to me. But this book was different, since we see very little of The War Between the States. In fact, this story is about two childhood friends that have grown to love each other over the years as more than friends. But others have plans for these two and it is not marriage to each other.

Buck Harris has had a pretty carefree life until that fateful moment when his father is killed in the war and when his friend Josephine is now the fiancťe to Leslie Turnball. Josephine will not disobey her father and this breaks Buckís heart. He does the only thing he can do and that is find a job and come back a bigger and better man and hopefully can win Josephine in the end.

Josephine loves Buck and has for a while but she still will not go against her fatherís wishes even when it means marrying someone like the womanizing Leslie Turnball. Leslie was also in the war and came back with an amputated leg but this doesnít stop him from marrying Josephine or from resuming his previous behavior. Josephine is a strong young woman as strong as she can be and is determined to save herself for Buck even though she is married to Leslie.

Buckís life was turned upside down when he found some papers in his fatherís locked chest. This set into motion the motive for Buck to leave and the road the story takes. It has many turns, twists and bumps along the way and a chance meeting with a gambler that turns into a friend and ally. But we canít forget about Josephine and the struggles she faces.

Not only is Leslie a villain in the story but there are a few others as well. There are a few surprises along the way and the supporting characters all seem to have some kind of drama or experience that effects the life of Buck or Josephine. Mr. Schneider gives us a wonderful tale of friendship and love and that love might just conquer all. If you are like me and the Civil War era is not your favorite subgenre donít let that stop you from reading The Scents of Magnolias and Men. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Pam.

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