by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

ISBN: 1-59279-183-2
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The legends of the Amazon warriors set the background for Charlotte Boyett-Compoís story, ShadowWind Trilogy Book 1: The Shadowlord. We are shown the strength of the women warriors and the strength of the men who would love them.

Aradia Lykopis finds herself on a journey. She is leading a band of her fellow Amazeen warriors in a quest to free her sister from the seraglio of the king. She fears for her sisterís life. Aradia knows there is little chance for Orithia to find love with her captor.

Several years ago, Aradia had been held as the mistress of a prince. The couple fell in love and thought it would last forever. Then one day, they interfered with a slave. Aradia couldnít have known their interference would cause the prince trouble. She was sent away from the man she loved. She had no idea that chance encounter would come back to haunt her as much as her loverís face did.

Jaelan Ben-Ashaman is a Shadowlord, feared by many and coveted by some. He can read the minds of those around him. Weighed down with pain and bitterness, Jaelan doesnít see much good in his world. As a slave, he had endured suffering no one could imagine. Until one day, he met a woman and freedom was given. He has never forgotten the woman. Imagine his surprise when the woman appears years later.

Bonded together, Aradia and Jaelan must fight against evil to stay together and to try and free her sister.

Intrigue and adventure abound in the lives of these characters. They are well developed, having their own motivations, but their loyalty and love grows as the danger increases. The story is fast paced. Charlotte Boyett-Compo creates a world rich with texture and emotions.

The Shadowlord is an excellent beginning to an exciting and interesting series.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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