by Judith Arnold

July 2004
ISBN: 0-7783-2059-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Where do you go for the best corned beef on rye in NYC? That famous landmark deli, Bloom’s of course! Family owned and operated for over sixty years, the Bloom family are experts in what they do, but they are one very loud, very dysfunctional and extremely hilarious family.

Ex-lawyer Julia Bloom recently took over the presidency from her late father at her Grandmother Ida Bloom’s insistence. After all Grandma Ida is the family matriarch and widow of the founder of Bloom’s, and no one says “no” to Ida! Julia is now engaged to Ron Joffe a noted columnist for Gotham magazine. Julia met and fell head over heals for sexy Ron last year when he was assigned to do a feature article on Bloom’s and the meshuge family that runs it. Now Ron is going to be a part of that family, OY! Can Julia and Ron plan a perfect wedding without the entire family getting into the act? Nope!

Julia’s younger sister, family rebel, Susie Bloom has been roped into writing The Bloom’s Bulletin a monthly newsletter that was Julia’s brainchild. Free spirited Susie has spent her entire life trying to stay out of the very situation she now finds herself in, the family business. And the business isn’t all she now finds herself involved with! Susie is deep in a relationship with Bloom’s hunky bagel master, Casey Gordon. Casey wants to settle down with Susie, but Susie would rather go traipsing off with cousin Rick Bloom, (an aspiring filmmaker) to star in his latest venture an infomercial for the store, rather then make a commitment to Casey. Even if this means losing Casey forever! Along the way we still have the usual mishegas at Bloom’s that we came to love in the first novel, Love At Bloom's.

I haven’t stopped laughing or OYing since I began reading Blooming All Over by Judith Arnold. Ms. Arnold’s second helping of that crazy clan the Blooms will leave you in stitches with the trademark humor you have come to expect in Judith Arnold’s books. Will Susie reconcile with her true love Casey? Will Casey follow his dreams and open his own Bagel shop? Will Cousin Rick finish what he hopes to be the next Cannes film festival winner? (And shave?) Will Julia and Ron ever find peace, happiness and the perfect place to hold their wedding? You must read Blooming All Over to find out! Guaranteed to keep you kvelling for more!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Bonnie.

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