by Linda Randall Wisdom

July 2001
ISBN: 0-373-07879-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #879
Mass Market Paperback

The heroine, Jenna Welles, overhears a dangerous conversation and has to testify against a top criminal as a result. She then has to enter the witness protection programme and decides she has to leave her US Marshall lover Riley Cooper behind. The plot thickens when he has to come back into her life 4 years later to protect her again. The passion between them is still there; but this time Riley has to rein in his feelings to keep a clear head in order to protect Jenna's safety.

Linda Randall Wilson writes a very tense, entertaining story. This was a hard to put down book. The passion and sexual tension between the couple fairly crackles; it is a case of how long can they keep their hands off each other!

The plot has a lot of twists and nothing is as it seems; it is certainly not a book that is easily predictable! Ms. Wilson makes it even more enjoyable by adding touches of humour to the plot. One particular piece I liked is when Jenna refers to how she enjoys falling asleep to the sounds of Riley's snoring! It is good to know that tough, uncompromising Riley Cooper has such an ordinary fault like snoring!

Riley is a gorgeous hero, rugged handsome and protective. No wonder Jenna loves him. And Jenna is a great heroine; spunky, despite the harrowing ordeal she goes through. When Riley puts her through a tough self-defence course, she refuses to give up though she is pushed to her limits. Both the leading characters are interesting and well-developed. The villain is believably scary; he is a nasty piece of work, as are his henchmen.

The story centres round the main characters and the villains. There are very few other characters in the book but even the secondary characters are well thought out. Ms. Wilson made sure no one was just a token character; each person featured had a part to play in Jenna and Riley's story.

I really enjoyed this book. It had everything - passion, sexual tension, good plot, intrigue, and a thread of fear! I can thoroughly recommend this story as an exciting read and to which I easily award 5 stars.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Mary.

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