by Megan Hart

May 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-222-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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Spinster Noa Kahane had been a diligent student at Somnus Keep. She was proud of her accomplishments. Graduating with honors was impressive, considering she had yet to come into her full magic strength. Once her flow begins, it would be time to chose an ahavatara. She’d chosen Riordan de Cimmerian, Instructor Primus of Magical Theory. His knowledge and power made him a commanding figure at the school. His brooding, dark looks appealed to the women of the Keep.

Noa had approached Riordan and insisted he take her virginity. Losing her maidenhead would propel her powers to their fullest potential. The experience was no less than phenomenal. There was just one problem. While Noa was sleeping, Riordan had magicked her back to her spinster chambers. She became infuriated with him, as well she should. It wasn’t everyday a woman heard the man she had chosen confess his love. Riordan had a great deal to answer for.

Riordan gave Noa what she required of him. Indeed he had given much more, though he should not have spoken so hastily. It would never work between the two of them. She had her whole life ahead of her to reach the status of magicreator, of which the land had never seen before. What if being tithed to him for the rest of her life diminished her chances? Would the thrall remain this powerful? The possibility of rejection was a risk he wasn’t certain he was ready to make.

Treachery ensues and puts Riordan and Noa’s burgeoning relationship on hold. Jealousy and hatred tries to rip them apart. They must find a way to save Riordan from charges brought against him. Powerful magic is at work against Riordan and Noa. Now he must face trial by fire.

Trial by Fire is a quick read full of energy and hot love scenes. The sequel to Dream Upon Waking, Ms. Hart delivers a romantic adventure that will captivate the reader’s interest. However, if you haven’t read that first installment you may feel lost at the beginning of Riordan and Noa’s story. Trial by Fire is not a stand-alone read.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Rho.

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