by Michelle Levigne

September 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-470-1
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Scout Captain Ian Fieran has seen some nasty things in his life, but it’s his job to hunt down and destroy the Gen’gineers. Gen’gineers are a group of humans who go to colonize planets with the intent of stealing “mutating” children to do experiments. They have no feelings and are apt to use the “scorched earth” policy on their way out. Ian’s newest mission takes him to Chorillan, a colonized planet with a problem. They aren’t growing as expected and haven’t asked for help. Ian has to go find the Gen’gineer lab, destroy it, and figure out what’s wrong with the colony.

Miranda Riallon is a member of the “royal family” on Chorillan. A disappointment to her mother and triplet brother, Miranda is not only a teacher but also adopting an orphan boy who also happens to be going through Phase, an allergic reaction to everything not natural. Miranda is determined to find what causes Phase and doesn’t agree with the colony’s belief that Wildlings, children afflicted with the Phase, are to be feared and destroyed. When her soon-to-be-son disappears, Miranda sets off to find him and bring him home.

I enjoyed Azuli Eyes on a purely science fiction level. Written with easy descriptions of the world in which we find ourselves, I was never lost with all the “tech” jargon used. This is an important fact with me, as that can completely lose me and my attention causing they enjoyment of a story to decrease. And boy did I enjoy this book. Miranda should have, by all rights, been a spoiled, politicking woman. Instead she is smart, determined and strong. She has the uncanny ability to understand instantly every situation she finds herself in. Ian is determine and very passionate about his job. He and his team hold children in the highest level of their hearts. Quick moving, yet not such a whirl-wind that the reader is left exhausted, I found Azuli Eyes to be a very enjoyable science fiction read. However, there were . . . things left open, much like the lose ends of a mystery story that were not tucked in. My assumption is that there will be more regarding Miranda, Ian, their newly budding romance, and the world which has been so expertly build.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Vikky.

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