by Ginny McBlain

September 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-469-8
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Reverend Michael Holliman is a widowed father in need of a dependable caretaker for his two-year old daughter. Kirsten Hansen is a single mother in need of a home. It just so happens that Kirstenís brother-in-law is on the board at the church Michael pastors. The church was willed a house that they intend to make into a rental. It seems that Kirsten and Michael are always thrown together for one reason or another.

Kirsten is stunned to find the clergyman so young and so attractive. Despite the growing temptation, Kirsten suppresses the longing she feels. Although she is determined to not let her past ruin her future, she knows where she doesnít belong. At least, she thought she knew. Reverend Michael has a different opinion.

It has been a while since Michael has been aware of a woman much less desired one. Losing his wife to cancer is still painful to the pastor. Upon meeting Kirsten, Michael sees a charming young lady with a great deal to offer. Her move into the house across the street was going to benefit the church in so many ways. Besides, he would like to get to know her better. It was just that falling in love is not a part of the arrangement.

Restoration seems to be the key element in Faith, Hope, and Charity by Ginny McBlain. Emotional healing clears the way for love in this inspirational tale. The inner turmoil the main characters deal with is believable, as is the amusing imperfections of the congregation. The author didnít sugarcoat the attraction between Michael and Kirsten, which I found to be refreshing and honest. Too many inspirational stories do not deal with couples in a truthful manner, as fallible human beings that are learning as they go along. While not going too far, the author allowed her characters to be authentic. It is Ms. McBlainís understanding of self-forgiveness and its role in matters of the heart that makes Faith, Hope, and Charity an unforgettable accomplishment.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Rho.

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